Discover the Magic of Story and How You Can Use it to Increase Your Impact

Get access to the¬†Sophisticated Story Method‚ĄĘ¬†and learn how to craft and tell stories¬†that¬†engage your audience and grow your bank account.


Storytelling, is by far the most powerful tool in leadership, sales, marketing, teaching, and yes pretty much every communication situation.


While most business leaders and communicators understand that storytelling is a crucial component for building trust, credibility and connection with an audience




Unfortunately most business leaders pay a hefty price for not knowing how to use stories well.

And because of this they...


ūüöꬆFAIL TO MAKE A MEANINGFUL CONNECTION:¬†With their¬†audience, investors,¬†team members¬†and potential clients.¬†Without storytelling, leaders may find it difficult to establish connection and build trust. Both necessary for growth.

ūüöę STRUGGLE TO MOVE THEIR AUDIENCE INTO ACTION: A well-told story¬†inspires people into action. Leaders often have to communicate to their audience a vision that is compelling, and storytelling can be an effective way to ignite passion and enthusiasm. Without this skill, leaders may struggle to inspire their audience which can lead to low impact.

ūüöꬆLEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE:¬†A strategically crafted and told story is one of the best marketing and sales tool at your fingertips. Without¬†utilizing this powerful¬†asset you'll have a much harder time selling your products, services and ideas effectively.

If looking at the list above makes you cringe, because you know you've made these mistakes, no worries. It's not just you. We've all been there.


However, to be able to rise above and become the leading voice in any industry you must stop continuing to make these mistakes and start harnessing the power of story effectively.


Fortunately for you, there's a solution...


The Sophisticated Story Method

The simple, step by step process that teaches you how to tell powerful stories that grow your impact and income.


Imagine if in only 60 minutes you could...

Understand why story works! Brace yourself for an adventure that not only lets you experience the incredible effects of good storytelling but also reveals the scientific secrets behind its mind-blowing influence. Gain valuable insights and knowledge about why storytelling is so darn powerful.

Learn how to structure a powerful and effective story. Discover practical techniques, tools so you know how to deliver a story that sells. But wait, there's more! We'll also unveil the secret recipe for a magical cocktail of strategic storytelling that guarantees trust, likability, and empathy from your audience. 

Worried about feeling like a fish out of water when it comes to sharing your story? I've got your back.I will take you through the exact techniques that my private clients pay me $5,000 to learn. These proven techniques will take you from fear to confidence in your storytelling in under 30 minutes. Say goodbye to fear, say hello to confidence.


You might be thinking, who are you lady and why should I listen to you?


ūüé§ I'm a transformational speaker, storyteller and executive speaking coach with over 20+ years of stage experience.

ūüé§ I've helped hundreds of business leaders and communicators (just like you) know how to craft and tell powerful stories that not only captivate your audience but¬†lead to more sales.

ūüé§ I'm Hungarian, which according to my hubby means I have hot, red paprika running through my veins.¬†

ūüé§ I'm not special, just spent thousands of hours¬†mastering the art of storytelling and speaking and meticulously crafted it into an¬†easy to follow method.

ūüé§ This is the reason highly successful leaders come to me and trust me to help them craft stories and keynotes that¬†result in claps and clients.

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