The 7 Essential Steps to Becoming a Speaking Expert

speaking Nov 15, 2023


Hey, hey, visionaries! Ready to become a top-notch speaking expert? Check out the latest "Speak Like It Matters" podcast episode. We're diving into the seven must-know steps to become a kick-butt speaking expert. Here's a quick teaser – but hey, there's a whole lot more in the full episode!

  1. Crafting Your Unique Brand Your brand is your secret sauce in the speaking biz. It's what makes you unforgettable. Why listen to the podcast? I'm dishing out real stories and tips to create a brand that's 100% you and connects with your audience members.

  2. Developing a Core Message The lowdown: Your core message is the heartbeat of your expertise especially when you want to take it to the stage. It’s your flag in the ground, your 'this is me' statement. Tune into the podcast to learn to create messages that pop and show you're a big thinker in your field.

  3. Choosing Your Speaking Topics Be specific! Your topics should show off your smarts and keep your audience hooked. On the episode I'm talking more in depth about why picking specific topics make you the go-to expert.

  4. Identifying Your Ideal Audience Why it matters: Knowing your audience is like having a GPS for your speaking journey. It shapes your content and how you dish it out. On the podcast you'll get the scoop on connecting with the right crowd to make your message hit home.

  5. Mastering Presentation Skills Amazing presentations are your ticket to wow-town. It’s where your skills meet killer strategy. I'm sharing secrets on crafting presentations that educate, inspire, and get people moving.

  6. The Art of Stage Presence How you rock the stage is as crucial if not more crucial than your message. It's about giving an experience they'll never forget. When you learn to amp up your stage game, suddenly your message isn’t just heard – it’s felt.

  7. Securing the Right Opportunities Why's it key? The right speaking opportunities can skyrocket your career. It's about being where it matters, in front of the folks who count. On the podcast I dive into the importance of knowing how to spot and snag opportunities that boost your profile.

Each step is a cornerstone in your speaking journey. In the podcast, I go deep – sharing real-life stuff, my own journey, and hands-on advice to bring each point to life.

Your Next Move And about those steps, I've got something super special for you. As a "Speak Like It Matters" fan, join me in January 2024 for a live intensive to transform your speaking skills. This isn't another course or program – it’s a group effort where your voice shapes the program. It’s the ultimate resource for leaders looking to up their game through speaking.

I’m offering this to just 10 folks at a jaw-dropping 60% discount – but for 7 days only. If you’re itching to leap forward in your speaking career, snag one of these spots. Hop over to to grab your seat. Let’s rock this journey together!

Remember, this is just the beginning. Dive into the full episode for the complete guide on each step. Your path to speaking success is just a podcast play away!


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